Yan Xuejing’s daughter -in -law announced that she was pregnant!Now I am in April, her husband Lin Aozhen excitedly shouted that the eyes were red

On August 12, Yan Xuejing’s daughter -in -law Xu Mengdi showed a video on the social platform, and officially announced the news of pregnancy!

In the video, Xu Mengdi was wearing a black top and a diamond necklace worth 20,000 yuan on his neck. She told the camera that she had just learned that she was pregnant and went to the hospital in the afternoon.normal.

Xu Mengdi also said that from learning that she was pregnant, she was very nervous and was a little excited. She now wanted to tell her baby’s father because of this good news, because Dad didn’t know.

After that, Xu Mengdi waited for her husband Lin Aoyi to return in the hotel.The makeup on Lin Ao’s face after filming was not uninstalled by his wife to the sofa.After everything was ready, Xu Mengdi took out the pregnancy test stick and put it in front of her husband.

I learned that Lin Aoyu, who was a father, was so excited that he shouted and clamped, his face flushed, and there seemed to be tears in his eyes.

Not only that, Xu Mengdi also wrote a text next to the video, "I finally spent the three months before, and there are customs in the family. Everyone knows. Now Mengdi has been four months old. I will share happiness with you.Friends witness the growth of a prospective father and expectant mother with us. "

Yan Xuejing rushed to the comment area for the first time and said, "Thank you friends for your blessings and audiences, Comrade Yan will be grandma!"

It can be seen that this family is immersed in joy, which is enviable.

It is reported that Yan Xuejing’s son held a wedding with actor Xu Mengdi in 2021.On the day of the marriage, the scenes of the two were bright, and many stars in the circle went to the show, and even the old artist Pan Changjiang went.

Nowadays, the husband and wife have been married for more than a year, and the news of pregnancy is really fast.

Browse Lin Ao’s social dynamics, he took a photo of his wife in July. At that time, Xu Mengdi’s abdomen was prominent. Many netizens speculated that she was pregnant, but the couple did not admit it.

In any case, I bless Lin Aoyu Xu Mengdi upgraded to be a novice parents, hoping that the baby can be born smoothly.


Author: Fang Fangtu

Responsible editor: Eyeliner

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