You can hear the baby’s fetal heart for a few weeks

Each pregnant mother urgently hopes to know the baby’s dynamics early. Some mothers run to B -ultrasound to observe the baby’s growth dynamics for three days.Heartbeat, but how long can I hear the baby’s heartbeat? Generally, the baby’s small heart began to develop after two months of pregnancy.

After knowing that they are pregnant, many female friends will protect themselves and will not cause themselves to hurt a little bit.At this time, whether the fetus can grow smoothly is the key, especially whether its organs are fully developed, and the fetal heart is very important.In order to determine that when you know the fetal heart, how many weeks of pregnancy are you pregnant?

Generally, fetal hearts begin to appear at the 2-3 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the heart of the fetus will just start to be beating. Although the sound is very weak and weak, it is not easy to track.

Generally speaking, the fetal heart of the fetus can be tested by the instrument as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy. At present, the high -sensitivity instrument of Doppler, which is generally commonly used, can hear it at 10 or 12 weeks of the fetus.Heartbeat like horseshoe.However, some hospitals may use general auspiciouss. In this case, it will take 17-18 weeks to track the heartbeat of the fetus.Another case is that in the early stages of pregnancy, due to the location of the fetus, or other interference factors, such as the mother’s fat and thick fat, the fetal heart sound was not heard even with extremely precise instruments.

Can I hear the fetal heart with a stethoscope? Yes, but because the working principle of the auscultation cannot put the fetal heart sound, so if the fetal age is too small, the heartbeat is not obvious, and it is difficult to hear the auscultation.Generally, the fetal heart can be measured in about 10-12 weeks of pregnancy, but at this time, it is not easy to hear the fetal heart with ordinary stethoscopes. Only after 18-20 weeks of pregnancy, you can hear the fetus with a hearing device to hear the fetus.Heart.

In the 8-10 weeks of pregnancy (over 2 months), the complete fetal heart can be seen when you do the birth check. Doctors can use the transferred instrument to analyze whether the fetus has the fetal heart.

Because the fetal movement is usually moved by the fetus and feet, when the right side feels that the fetal movement is frequent, the fetal heart is generally on the left; when the left side feels that the fetal movement is frequent, the fetal heart is generally on the right.The head and hip position can also affect the position of the fetal heart.The fetal heart is under the umbilicus during the head position, and the fetal heart is on the umbilicus when the hip position.Pregnant women can talk about the stomach with auscultation to see which location can hear the fetal heartbeat.

In the third trimester, in addition to monitoring fetal movement, it is also necessary to cooperate with the monitoring of the fetal heart to judge the baby’s condition in the stomach. It is also a powerful basis for judging the fetal treasure activity.However, pregnant mothers can only conduct conventional fetal heart monitoring in the hospital, and it is impossible to monitor it every day. Therefore, many pregnant mothers buy fetal heart rate at the third trimester to monitor the baby’s heart rate.

The normal fetal heart rate is between 120-160 times/min. If the fetal heart rate lasts more than 10 minutes or more than 120 or greater than 160, it means that the fetal heart rate is abnormal, you need to seek medical treatment early, and the suffocation may occur.

Listening to the fetal heart requires the help of specialized instruments. About 12 weeks of pregnancy can be used to hear the fetal heart with the Doppler steenper in a very quiet situation. We recommend that expectant mothers go to the hospital to listen to or use the factor at home.When pregnant mothers are preparing to listen to the fetal heart, they need a quiet environment, listen carefully, don’t be too noisy, or do not concentrate.You can take a half or sit.

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