You can not eat bird’s nest during pregnancy, but these must be eaten

Since I am pregnant, I have begun to eat every day. I need to supplement any nutritional agents very much. I am afraid that I will miss what I miss. What will affect the development of the fetus.To be honest, in addition to knowing how to replenish folic acid at the beginning, I know how to replenish nutrition. After 12 weeks of pregnancy, I will know that calcium is supplemented.Data, it is nothing more than some non -authoritative fragmented information. There is no set of system scientific theoretical guidance. Sometimes short videos are brushed. A said that eating grapes during pregnancy and apples are good.EssenceSome say that you must add fish oil DHA, and some say it is not necessary, just eat seafood.If you look too much, you will be very confused. What should really eat more, what can be eaten or not, what can be eaten, you go to the production and ask the doctor how to eat it well. They all pass the rhythm of a patient in five minutes. AskJust back to what you want to eat …

I didn’t realize until I read the book "Pregnancy Nutrition" recommended by the American Nutritionist Registration Committee.The supplementary agent will do everything. The most important thing is to obtain these vitamin ingredients needed from natural food.After receiving the book, after reading the first two chapters, I felt a little bit cold. OMG turned out to have a lot of things. Now the adjustment of 19 weeks should be too late. I almost finished reading more than 300 pages.I did not see the author’s recommendation of any very expensive ingredients, including bird’s nest, flower glue, sea cucumber. It is strongly recommended to read this book in advance during pregnancy and early pregnancy.Save a lot of money.

Pick some of the key content science of the key content of the misunderstanding,

1⃣️ Should I eat for two people?

Many people think that the amount of meals during pregnancy will be doubled.

In fact, healthy babies do not need so much calories.The conventional pregnancy nutrition guidelines believe that the heat needs of pregnant women will gradually increase at the end of the early pregnancy. After that, the embryo needs 300 kcal calories every day.In fact, some pregnant women only need less than 70 kcal heat per day.Even though we assume that the calories of 300 kcal are required every day, which is only equivalent to eating one more meal on the basis of the original basis, not the amount of food per meal doubled.What women really increased during pregnancy are the needs of vitamin A, vitamin B2, choline, iron, iodine and other nutrients.

Don’t let "eating for two people" has become an excuse for you to eat a lot of junk food during pregnancy. Take this sentence as a driving force for improving various nutrient content in your diet, reminding you to pay more attention to the quality of food rather than weight.

How much carbohydrate should pregnant women take daily?

The conventional pregnancy nutrition guide believes that carbohydrates should account for the daily daily diet of pregnant women, providing pregnant women with 45%to 65%of the daily.For women with an average daily ameter of 2200-2600kcal, this is equivalent to 250 ~ 420g carbohydrates per day.Interestingly, the study found that carbohydrate photographers at this level (52%of the calories required for daily heat) are more obesity in their children and childhood.

In fact, most pregnant women only need 90 ~ 150g of carbohydrates per day.Some people can tolerate more carbohydrates, and some people need carbohydrates.Patients with gestational diabetes and those who combine other diseases do not talk about it. For most people, first choose foods with high nutritional density, low sugar lift index, and high carbohydrate content, such as Greek yoguk, nuts, seeds, beans, beansAnd berry.

3⃣️ How much protein should pregnant women take daily

In the first half of the pregnancy, you need to ensure that you consume at least 80g of protein per day, and in the second half of the pregnancy, you must ensure that at least 100g of protein is taken per day.The demand for protein during pregnancy is far greater than the recommendation of the recommendation in conventional nutritional guidelines, which is exactly the opposite of the demand for carbohydrates.If you have a large physique or more physical activity, you can take more people.High -protein foods are naturally full, which helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent blood sugar from being too low or too high.

So which are high -protein foods, you can check on page P31 in the book and choose to buy cooking ingredients.

4⃣️ Fat intake

You may have heard that you should restrict fat during pregnancy, but you can’t afford scientific tests. Most of the high -protein foods also contain fat.This is all designed by nature.Natural high -protein foods often contain fat. During pregnancy, your body’s demand for fat -soluble vitamins and other nutrients contained in high -fat foods has increased.Risk of defects, lung and liver dysplasia, low birth weight and other complications.

To know the fetal brain, 60%of the ingredients are fat, and it is formed a little bit during pregnancy.We should not blindly follow the advice of "eating lean meat and low -fat dairy products". On the contrary, we should ensure that the food we eat contain those fat that naturally exists.This means that eating chicken does not peel, drinks whole milk, eats eggs without discarding egg yolk, and eats juicy fat when eating steak from grass feed.

Is it a very subversive everyone’s cognition?The source of high -quality fat is described in detail on P35.

5⃣️ Vegetables

Let’s give applause to the nutrition gas station of vegetables.Dietary fiber in vegetables is very helpful for pregnancy.It can delay the decomposition of other carbohydrates and convert it into monosaccharides, provide raw materials for the growth of intestinal flora (probiotics), and help you prevent constipation.

Every meal you should contain vegetables, try to make half of the food in the plate as vegetables.I suggest that you do n’t have to compare non -starchy vegetables when you eat non -starchy vegetables. You can eat it (you feel satisfied because you eat enough, not to eat).

Many nutrients and antioxidants in vegetables are more easily absorbed only when they are matched with fat, so you should not be ashamed of adding a lot of oil to make vegetables better, but should be happy.The method of food can be seen on page P41.

At the same time, the more types of vegetables are eaten, the better, the better, your baby can "taste" from amniotic fluid to what you are eating.When your child starts to eat solid food, you will find that the "contact" of early life and healthy food laid the foundation for his current non -picky eaters.

6⃣️ Foods that help your baby grow

The unexpected food that made me unexpected was the egg that I didn’t like to eat all the year round.I really regret that the money to buy bird’s nest should be used to buy the ranch to store the eggs under the chicken.Due to the spleen and stomach disease with digestive system disorders before pregnancy, it is easy to bloating and snoring as soon as I eat eggs. I try to avoid eating eggs as much as possible.However, during pregnancy, eggs are excellent foods, not only simple and easy proteins, but also rich in folic acid, B vitamins, antioxidants (including lutein and corn lutein that promote vision development), and iodine.And without carbon water, it does not cause blood sugar to rise, which is very suitable for breakfast.

People who eat eggs have a smaller amount of food and weaker eating impulses throughout the day.Eggs are rich in nutrients, which can make you feel full and help stabilize your energy level.In addition, animal liver, with flesh, slow stew, bone soup, high -fat fish seafood, and whole -fat dairy products help the fetus grow.(See P53-P66)

7⃣️ Foods that are not conducive to the growth of the baby

In addition to quitting alcohol and caffeine, you should avoid far away from refined carbohydrates, high -sugar food, artificial sweetener, vegetable oil, artificial trans fatty acids, soybeans, etc.Especially in vegetable oil, Chinese people like to use food refined vegetable oil to stir -fry and make fried food. After high temperature heating, it will cause a large amount of inflammatory free radicals.It is best to choose animal fat or coconut oil, and they are not easy to be decomposed by oxidation.(See P87-P110)

When you don’t know how to eat the healthiestness every day, you can add enough nutrition to your baby. You can check this book at any time. Although the author provides a weekly menu, it is all Western food. The Chinese stomach is really not very suitable.However, you can choose suitable ingredients to make Chinese cuisine.

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