You can say that these 14 things, cats dream of letting shovelers know!

Now more and more people have cats. Many novice shovel officers raised cats for the first time. They do n’t know the cats very well, so the shovel officer must do his homework.You can say that the following 14 things, cats dream of letting shovelers know!


Because my courage is very small, I will be scared when I just arrived at the master’s house, so I need time to adapt to the new environment and the owner. I hope you do n’t take me home and immediately force me to integrate. Otherwise, I will really appear because I am too scared to appear.Disposter.


My sleep time is really long, which is about twice your human beings.My body is still in the developmental stage, and I must sleep sufficient sleep to grow, so when I sleep, I ask the owner not to force me to wake me up.


Thank you very much for taking me home, because I am now at the most energetic age. When I move at home, I may dismantle the house. Not only will it bother with the owner, but I also cause losses to the owner, but I really do n’t deliberately.


Although I really yearn for the outside world, I often stare at the window for a long time, but I really don’t like going out and I am afraid of going out, so I asked the owner not to take me out.Fear.


If you come to the guests at home, if I want to play with them, I will take the initiative to say hello to them, but asking the owner not to forcibly let the guests touch me and hug me. This really makes me feel annoying.


I really love the owner. I only have you in my heart, so please don’t be so good to other cats in front of me, so I will really be jealous and sad.


I really don’t have nine lives in the rumors. If I accidentally fall off from a high place, I may also die because of this, so trouble the owner to seal the window at home so that I can observe the outside world at the window with peace of mind.Essence


My curiosity is very heavy and likes fresh things, so I will also be tired of the master’s teasing cat stick or toy, so trouble the owner to replace me with some new toys and funny cat sticks on a regular basis, so I will be more even moreHappy to play with you ~


Don’t look at me always drilling around, I feel that I am dirty. I will lick 600 ~ 800 times a day, and I will clean up my body very clean, so I don’t need to take a bath frequently, and I am afraid of taking a bath.I’m going to take a shower ~


In fact, I am also afraid of loneliness. After you go out, I really miss you, so I will hold your shoes and clothing to bite to relieve your thoughts.But I really don’t know that I will bite your things, ask the owner not to be fierce.


I really like the owner’s bed. Not only is it big, it is also very comfortable and warm. I can accompany the owner and ask the owner not to drive me out of bed anymore. I just want to accompany you more.


When I do something wrong, can you educate me patiently, don’t scold me if you don’t move, this will really make me sad. I will think you don’t love me anymore.I am very smart, the owner taught me patiently, I will remember it, but when training me, you use some small snacks to seduce me, I will cooperate with you more ~


In fact, you can touch me more, which will not only make me feel comfortable, but I will love you more and more.Master, you can touch my head and tail root, which is the most comfortable part of me.


Please don’t give me the leftovers for me anymore, it is really salty and greasy.And I am actually a meat animal. I love meat very much. If the cats you prepared for me are very low, I do n’t like to eat without meat.

Conclusion: Do you know these things?

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