You must not be ugly!How does Baoma skin care during pregnancy?Choose the right skin care products, you can be beautiful when you are pregnant

Recommended skin care products during pregnancy 本️ Japan’s natural plant ingredients, pregnant women rest assured products.The earliest understanding of the Three brand was because of its cold -packaged makeup remover oil. Later, I was pregnant. For safety reasons, skin care products basically used natural ingredients. They decisively bought two sets in Japan. The ingredients were safe and suitable for pregnancy care.

Can’t make up when pregnancy?As long as you avoid those skin care products that are not available during pregnancy, you can also be beautiful during pregnancy. Be a girlish expectant mother!Today I will share some skin care products and makeup I use during pregnancy.

During my pregnancy, I am most worried about my skin problems. Because I was more sensitive and I loved acne, I bought skin care products that I can use during pregnancy, and summarized a few of them.

1.Clarinus Poem Series

When not pregnant, I have always used its dual essence. After pregnancy, it is inseparable from its products. The most recommended is its body oil. My husband helps me wipe my belly every day.The heart finally put it down after the unloading was successful. There was no long haha. I really thanked the baby’s dad. All its products were available for pregnant women, rest assured!

2.Fu Lei Shi Series

For pregnant women -level brands, Zhang Jiani also used its black tea yeast essence during pregnancy. It is really easy to buy follow the trend. Forcibly the three major ace masks of Amway, there are lip balm and soybean cleansing.Moisturizing!

3.Three Japanese Organic Brand Series

Japanese pregnant women -level brands are not added. They are all natural plant components. Its water and milk are particularly friendly to sensitive muscles. Because the skin condition during pregnancy is particularly unstable due to progesterone, and sensitive muscles are particularly love acne.It has always been very good in water and milk skin. For my face control, this cold and light packaging really loves it. The makeup during pregnancy is almost used.

1️⃣ Balance Extract Cash Remover Oil

The main ingredients are vegetable oil and essential oil, with 88%natural ingredients.Do not block the pores, it is easy to emulsify, unloading is clean, not dry, it is indeed an Internet celebrity cleansing oil.(4 or 5 bottles have been used)

2️⃣Three essence eye lip cleansing oil

The two -in -one water and oil, 95%of the natural ingredients, will not damage the cleaning power of the eye of the eye, especially suitable for eye sensitive muscles. I personally like the taste of chamomile.(But the cost performance is not high.)

3️⃣Three live foam cleansing milk

It is good to use, very recommended, the foam is delicate and rich, clean is clean, not tight.It contains plant essential oils, vegetable oils, and pure plant, and natural ingredients are 96%.

4️⃣Three balance lotion

Because the endocrine system is disordered during pregnancy, the skin becomes greasy and acne.Sister Cabinet strongly recommends balanced water and lotion.The water is very refreshing, and the hydration effect is good. The natural ingredients are 91%. It is really good with the balanced emulsion. Balanced water and oil, controlling acne problems, especially suitable for expectant mothers who have acne during pregnancy.

5️⃣Three balanced translucent emulsion

Natural ingredients are 97%. It is not greasy and refreshing. I personally think that the use of autumn and winter is a bit dry, which is more suitable for summer use.

6️⃣Three Balance Blink Cream Firming Eye Cream

Natural ingredients are 93%.With a small spoon, the moisturizing degree is good, not a product that effectively removes eye lines.

7️⃣Three carbonated spring essential oil water balance mask

Natural ingredients are 85%.Carbonate ingredients containing hot springs can adjust the balance of water and oil.After use, the skin is delicate and moisturized.

8️⃣Three Muscle Ceramic foundation

The basic of the pregnant mothers around, because the natural ingredients are 80%, which is safe.Don’t dry or oil, but the concealer is not so good, very thin and delicate.

9️⃣Three Charm Light Velvers Light Red

The colors are selected by her husband (straight male). The durability is very durable, moisturizing, containing 7 plant components, and 50%of plant essential oils.

Three honey light blush

Choosing a natural color is very suitable for me.This blush won the first VOSE, the powder is very delicate, the ingredients are naturally plants, which are safe and easy to use.

In general, I personally like the Three brand. It is very assured during the special pregnancy. Of course, the skin care effect does not make the skin change greatly. After all, it is a natural ingredient.If you are tangled during pregnancy, you will never be wrong to buy Three decisively.

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