Zhang Jie Xie Na announced her pregnancy!Before denied the fetus!Sister Xie Na’s status is no one shake

Photo/Text: Master Jun Jun

Zhang Jie posted on Weibo that his wife Xie Na was pregnant!

Zhang Jie posted on Weibo that: This year’s wedding anniversary, we have the best gifts. Nana has worked hard and loves you forever. You are all my baby!

Brother Jie, you are great!Very good, very high -profile, very memorable!

Sure enough, such a high -profile announcement of the news of Sister Na’s pregnancy, Weibo must be exploded!The top of the top of the list!

Later, our sister Na did not avoid taboos, and reposted Jie Ge’s Weibo directly, and accompanied by text. The sweet show of love said: I like to eat nutrition meals you cooked for me every morning.It is my luck to give you. At this stage, I think the happiest day of life. We will cheer together in the future and go happily with our baby!Hee hee hee ~

Wow, it really is Zhang Jie’s unhappy words Xie Na understanding, and Xie Na’s madness has Zhang Jie pet!The two of them are the most beautiful appearance!

Haha, Xie Na is pregnant!This delivery blessing can really PK some time ago, Li Chen’s marriage marriage Fan Bingbing!

What is comparable to this is that only Sister Na can save the recent things about the nearest clouds!

This is really the best blessing for most of the entertainment circle!First of all, Fan Bingbing Yang Mi started the team and sent a blessing to Sister Na and Jie!Nana, Jie Ge is great, happy for you!I wish you happiness.

Chen Xuedong even ridiculed Sister Na as always: Which one is strong in dog abuse?Sister Jege Na was strong, and finally had a baby to play with me ~~ And Shu Qi also sent a blessing!

And our Aya and Zhang Bichen also rushed to the scene to send blessings!Aya is even more generous Xie Na: I am going to be the child’s godmother!IntersectionIntersection

Dong Li, Jia Nailiang, Deng Lun, Lin Zhiying, these internship dads and official dads, also came to give Sister Na and Jie Ge in advance!Ready to be Zhang Jie and Xie Na Ma Ma!Intersection

By the way, how could this be missing in this happiness?

Du Haitao: The happy big family Ding Xing is prosperous!Congratulations to my big baby, Sister Na welcomes the little baby!

Li Weijia: I am so happy for you!The family forever!

Wu Xin: My dear Sister Na Jie, congratulations!Too excited and so happy!Our happy family finally ushered in the baby hahahahahaha!

He Yan, as a prospective father of the child in the future!How can you miss this happiest moment ~!

At noon today, I posted a Weibo saying: It is our great event, and it is also the hard work of Na Mami. Take a good rest. Leave you on the stage and wait for you to come back!(What is the same in the makeup room in the brain supplement base camp?

Haha, Teacher He is really intimate!There is a kind of friendship called He Yan Xie Na. It is indeed Sister Na’s best mentor and friend. It is indeed the best companion of Sister Na!

In 2011, Xie Na and Zhang Jie held a wedding in Shangri -La into the marriage hall.After 6 years, their husband and wife finally upgraded to be parents!

Next, let’s review the rumors of various previous pregnancy:

You know, Sister Na was really a hot search before this pregnancy!Netizens also ridiculed: This has become the unsolved mystery of Weibo!

Since the marriage of Xie Na and Zhang Jie, the news of pregnancy has been reported repeatedly.For six years of marriage, there are more than a dozen news that you have been passed on!And our Sister Na is also recognized by the big guy as the person who is the most pregnant and the most clear pregnancy!

Some time ago because of leg injury, Sister Na had not appeared on the stage of "Happy Camp" for a long time. At that time, there were rumors that Liu Ye was going to replace Sister Na!And at the time, Liu Ye just came to Teacher He, Wu Xin, and did not care about the guests’ feelings.

Many netizens speculate whether our sun goddess Xie Na will not come back. Whether it is withdrawn to exit, someone will replace Sister Na.But when you see Teacher He’s Weibo today, the most emotional blessing, the position of the fast book will always be kept for Nana!

Every time Xie Na’s belly was bulged every time, what did you go to the hospital?The like … Sister Na uses it to solve it, such as sending Weibo to say that even eating two hot pots or jumping to clarify that she is not pregnant!

Haha even more because of Mr. He’s comment: "There is no fat!Let netizens speculate that Teacher He knew the situation long ago!Intersection

Now the truth is finally big!Haha, Jie Ge and Sister Na chose the best time to do one of the most happy things to make everyone feel happy!

The two really confirmed Chen Xuedong’s words. Which of the dog abuse technology is strong?I really have to serve Zhang Jie and Xie Na!At such a happy moment, how can you not review the clips of the dog food before the two!

"Cross -border Song King" sing "The World" how to love the wind and fly sand in his life.

Others have to invite foreign aid to help the guests. Our Sister Na will take the family directly to the battle!In 2007, Zhang Jie competition Xie Na helped. Ten years later, in 2017, Sister Na Singer sang!The two of them are really pets!

On the birthday of May, Zhang Jie is also generous Bai Nana, Taurus chick, happy birthday!

On the fifth anniversary of the marriage, the two returned to the place where they got married!Shoot a happy video!This is the love of Zhang Jie and Xie Na. You sang on the stage, I listened to the stage, and you are full of your eyes …

Happy to rotate happily ~~~ Looking forward to the arrival of the little stars, wait to see Jie Ge take "Where is Dad"!Sister Na took "Happy Camp"!

Your most attention is the authoritative entertainment account!

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