Zhao Liying divorced the screen, but the girls should know how to distinguish this bleeding

Today’s entertainment industry is a uncomfortable day -Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng divorced.

Remember that when they got married in 2018, Weibo was paralyzed. Today, divorce, Weibo really had a problem again, and had to make people sigh the strong traffic of the stars.

Someone specifically stood up with the emotional line of Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng: On October 16, 2018, Guan Xuan was married, and she was announced on January 1, 2019. She was born on March 8th.

Obviously, this is an unmarried first. During the period, Xiao Zhao had repeatedly rumored that he was not pregnant. As a result, it was only two months since the announcement of pregnancy to his son.So far, the wedding in the mouth has not been held. Is the celebrity getting married to facilitate the child’s hukou?

Well, do n’t make a joke, go back to home.Although the stars look bright and beautiful, they do n’t know how many knowledge about fertility, pregnancy, and contraception. Just like the girl I mentioned below, there are also a lot of menstruation in pregnancy.

This is a young girl in her 20s, because the following question came to the doctor:

"Doctor, my menstruation has always been very regular, but this time there is very little menstrual flow, only three days of brown secretions, which is obviously different in peace. What is going on?"

After listening to her problem, I immediately opened her urine pregnancy test first, and the result was positive, and then I did a B -ultrasound, showing that in the palace pregnancy for more than 30 days.I was not surprised by this result, but this girl was very surprised -bleeding during menstruation, how can I get pregnant?

In fact, this kind of bleeding is not menstruation, but bleeding related to pregnancy, which is mistaken for menstruation.

This example is not uncommon. According to research data, it is common to have a little bleeding within the first three months of pregnancy.The most often mentioned is "bleeding in bed"

The endometrium is abundant. The process of fertilized eggs is like buried seeds buried in the soil. During the endometrium in the endometrium, the endometrium is broken, which causes a small amount of bleeding. This process begins with the six days after fertilization.EssenceAlthough this view has not been fully confirmed, embryonic bleeding is much less than normal menstrual bleeding. It may only need to use 1 or 2 sanitary napkins in 24 hours, and some are just two or three days.Bleeding, no obvious abdominal pain, and no early pregnancy reaction. This phenomenon does exist.

In addition to bed bleeding, there are several possibilities related to pregnancy -related bleeding during menstruation:

Biochemical pregnancy, also known as "sub -clinical abortion", is actually not a real abortion.The clinical abortion refers to the B -ultrasound after seeing the pregnancy sac, and the biochemical pregnancy is extremely "concealed". Only when the blood test or urine the urine test will be found.After a few days of checking, it will find that the blood HCG level decreases, and then the hemorrhage similar to menstruation occurs. After a few days of bleeding, the biochemical pregnancy is over.Some careless women did not find themselves "biochemical pregnancy" at all, and thought it was the delay of menstruation.

Abnormal pregnancy, including ectopic pregnancy, threatened abortion or expired abortion.In addition to bleeding, some women will also be accompanied by persistent or intermittent abdominal pain, anal swelling or dizziness.Bleeding can be interrupted or persistent, and the amount of bleeding can be more or less.But one point must be attached to it specially. Even if there is not much bleeding, no abdominal pain, there is no above -mentioned abnormal symptoms, and the possibility of ectopic pregnancy cannot be ruled out.I suspect that when I am pregnant, I must go to the hospital for examination in time, and do not take the symptoms on the Internet.

When menstruation does not come normally, or usually irregular menstruation, there are irregular vaginal bleeding. Even if they are taken contraceptive measures, pregnancy tests are required. There is no one -loss contraceptive method in the world.

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