Zhou Gong’s dream interpretation | Dreaming of getting sick is a threatening or unique meaning?

Dreaming of different diseases has different symbolic meaning.Overall, dreaming of pain, on the one hand, means to bear pain.On the other hand, making such a dream often reminds you to pay special attention to your health.Therefore, in accordance with the traditional Chinese dream interpretation view, dreaming of illness means good health, and most of them are good.

Dreaming of being sick, indicating that he is healthy and lives.

Women dream of being sick and usually symbolize pregnancy.

When a girl dreams of illness, she is more symbolic.

Young men dreamed that they were sick and expressed their worsening self -introspection or psychological burden, indicating that they would marry beautiful wives.

Students dream of being sick, and they urge students to hurry up to study, otherwise the grades will decline.

When her husband dreams of being sick, he may imply that his family will encounter misfortune, or the pressure of life will increase, and life will be in trouble.

His wife dreamed that her husband was ill and foreshadowed her husband to live.

Dreaming of a friend is sick, indicating that it may lose the help of a friend.

Dreaming of the enemy’s illness is not good, indicating that the enemy’s strength is strong, indicating that you will be defeated by the enemy.

The patient dreamed that he was sick, suggesting that the condition would improve and the psychological burden decreased.

The prisoners dreamed that they were sick, and they often symbolized to be reduced or released from prison.

Dream commentary: sickness master health.Diseases mean to bear pain.The stronger the ability to bear the pain, the healthier the body, so the illness is healthy.

Psychological analysis: Women dream of getting sick, implying that she can get pregnant, because the pain of pregnancy and childbirth is like a disease.Girls dream of getting sick, implying that they will fall in love. Although they are painful, they often get healthier, and they can find a beautiful love in the end.Dreaming of yourself is sick, it is a sign.The young man dreamed that he was sick and would marry a sturdy woman as his wife.Patients dream of being sick and the burden will be reduced.A woman dreamed that her husband was ill, suggesting that the husband’s longevity dreamed of the enemy’s bed can’t afford to be bed.Dreaming of becoming a mental patient is a sign of obstacles and difficulties, and life is becoming more and more stable and rich.

Dream description: I am a healthy body, and I rarely get sick.But I dreamed that I was sick and felt uncomfortable and uncomfortable.I was thinking in the dream, I still pay more attention to my health, how can I get sick.(Female, 30 years old)

Dream analysis: The illness of illness represents health and news.It is a typical anti -dream, representing the opposite meaning.Dreaming of being sick, indicating that you pay more attention to your health, this dream indicates that your body is healthier.Dreaming of others is sick, which means that there will be news from afar.

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