Ziyi: Crab

Autumn is rich and generous.It is like a enthusiastic old man, putting the baby produced at home into people’s pockets.People walked into the fields, walked into the orchard, walked into the ocean of the rivers and lakes, picked it back to the grains of Fengdeng, picked back the fruits and fruits, and picked it back to the fat and horses.

In the north, autumn is the best season to eat crabs.At this time, the crabs are not only full of fat, but also delicate and delicious meat. Even the bead fairy Lin Daiyu can’t help but admire: "The cheek seal is full of tender jade, and the shell is bumpy red."The fragrant is fat, and it is pleasant and satisfied.Even the crab shells accumulated on the table after eating will make people think of words such as "brilliant results", not "cups of messy." Crab can be divided into "text" and "martial arts".Tools are the so -called eight crabs.Including small square tables, waist round hammers, long -handle ax, long handle fork, round head cut, mules, mules, and small spoons.After the crabs are served, they eat crab people or cut or knock or clamp or pinch. They are used in turns to take out the crab yellow, crab paste, crab meat, and then ginger vinegar.EssenceAcute people like me are most suitable for martial arts.The first step is to eat eight calfs first, stuff the calf into the mouth one by one, and squeeze out the meat a little bit from the back.After squeezing, cut this section directly with your teeth, and then squeeze another paragraph.The whole process is very similar to the assembly line. The hand is responsible for transmission to the track (teeth). The teeth are responsible for cutting and squeezing, and the mouth is responsible for receiving and transporting.Sometimes because of the poor grasp of the hardship, the crab legs that have not yet squeezed the meat are biting in the mouth. At this time, you don’t have to worry. You only need to use your tongue to make the crab legs erected without delay the operation of the flowing water line.Eat the crab shell in the second step, first separate the crab shell from the crab with both hands. When you encounter a particularly hard picked up, you can directly bite the mouth, and use the big crab’s tip to pick up the crab yellow in the crab shell to a onePack, then send it to the mouth to drink, the feeling that it feels really indifferent.The third step is to test the patience of people. The meat on the crab is at most and the hardest. Those white crab meat is densely covered in the jungle -like abdominal armor to deal with them.In the place, the meat is used to bite with the nails near the abdominal armor. During the chewing process, the tongue is like a detector installed, which can easily pick out the abdominal armor and push it out.When all the crabs have entered the belly, the last step is to concentrate on dealing with the crab Ao, which is the crab clip that we usually call.Bring the shells on the crab pinch with a little teeth, and those white and crispy crab meat will be revealed like the clouds. Although these meats are less, they eat the most fragrant.After finishing, the ending of some high -pitched music with a soothing and gentle rhythm, although the perfect curtain is full of sense of meaning and long aftertaste.

When I was young, I was more picky, not only did I not eat meat, but I didn’t eat fish.In the eyes of the mother, as a native resident by the sea, especially his father or fishermen, without eating fish, it is equivalent to missing the most precious deliciousness in the world, so you need to make up for it elsewhere.For example, if the number of crabs happens to be a multiples of 3 or 3, then the three of our sisters and brothers will be allocated on average; if the number is less than 3, then it will be agreed by me alone.Because of this, in the case of equal resources, the number of crabs is far more than others at home.Sometimes, my son will be surprised by the speed and skills of eating crabs, and I will have no pride and tease: "Forty years of professional crabs, have been imitated, and never surpassed."

When I was in junior high school, I learned a text, "On the Dowry of Leifeng Tower".In the article, Mr. Lu Xun said that Hai was caught by the Jade Emperor because of the water of the water because of Shuiman Jinshan.After eating the ointment and yellow in the crab shell, "that is, it must be exposed to a conical film, and then carefully cut it along the bottom of the cone with a knife, remove it, flip, and make the inside out. As long as it is not broken, it will not break.Become a thing like Luohan, with a face and face, and sitting. The children in our place are called him the "crab monk ‘, which is the Fahai hiding in the refuge." Asked me at the same table if there isThe monk’s sitting statue -his father is a worker, and he usually doesn’t eat crabs often -at that time I was afraid of my ignorance, and I felt that I only looked at Mr. Lu Xun’s guidance to find out.Ashamed, in the face of his trust and sincere eyes, he had to deal with it randomly.In fact, I haven’t found a monk or Luohan in the crab shell. I don’t know if it is because the crab varieties are different, or the method I look for is wrong.At that time, there were only a handful of foods I could eat. Crab can be said to be the deliciousness of them, so I do n’t choose the season and fat.Whether it is a larger sharp crab, a small point stone crab, or a hairy crab; whether it is a hard -shell crab with meat and fat or a soft skin crab, I am not refused.EssenceWhen the sons and ladies in the Grand View Garden eat crabs, wash their hands with the mung bean noodles smoked with chrysanthemum and leaf osmanthus.That fishy taste is also fresh and cute, and the taste buds will fight against the thrill of just now.

Today, my food chain has been greatly expanded, but if you think about it, only the guy who has caused "Changan to look forward to Chongyang" is my favorite.Don’t ask me "Lian is old, can you still eat it?"As long as it is there, the combat effectiveness of the old body is still bursting.

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*Author profile: Sun Yan, pen name 浛.The first and second Shandong Province Outstanding Poet, Qilu Poetry Master.

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